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Ginger Snap Hair Studio is a new salon in Pittsburgh, PA. The client desired a logo and brand style that fit in with her values of simplicity, approachability and confidence; they differentiate from the competition by providing well-rounded services with a more organic, natural style.


I designed a logo and developed a visual brand style that encapsulates these values and inspires the customer to book with the salon. The logo and color palette are 70’s inspired, and the artwork has plenty of texture and a nod to nature. The artwork brings a sense of harmony and flow, and is flexible for future use. We’ve established a set of 25+ social posts to be integrated with her portfolio of hair photos on Instagram. The website runs on WordPress and brings her brand to life with illustrations, testimonials, and a photo gallery.

  • Client

    Ginger Snap Hair Studio

  • Role

    Art Director & Designer

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