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Office Interior Branding


My team at Novak Birch was tasked with updating Brand USA’s headquarters in Washington, DC to brand the office space to welcome visitors and offer a strong, unified sense of their identity, mission, and achievements.


We created an inviting, cohesive environment that engages Brand USA’s visitors and staff with an interactive digital program, dynamic feature walls, and sleek, professional branding throughout.
Conference Room Branding: We designed, fabricated, and installed a tone-on-tone word wall that utilizes glossy vinyl to portray the names of all states, territories, and the District—supporting Brand USA’s goal to promote the many parts of the USA. To further brand the room while increasing privacy and minimizing distractions, we frosted the center portion of the glass wall.

Awards Wall: Upon entering the reception area, a large column wrapped in a tone-on-tone word wall showcases Brand USA’s awards on custom shelves, along with messaging sharing their commitment to excellence.

Board of Directors Wall: Down the hall from reception, we designed, fabricated, and installed this wall to recognize the current board, identifying members on dimensional, etched acrylic panels. At the center of the wall, the “Board of Directors” dimensional letters are applied to the textured, metallic finish used throughout the office.

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    Brand USA