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Community Assistance Network Branding


Community Assistance Network (CAN) is a nonprofit agency that offers programs that reduce vulnerability and promote self-sufficiency among low-income residents in Baltimore County. I developed a brand identity and logo that embodied their mission and connected them with the community they serve.

CAN wanted a logo that incorporated their core brand characteristics: strength and compassion. Their old logo, inherited from a parent organization, was a word salad with 4 different fonts that made it difficult for people to remember who they were.


The new logo incorporates a hand-drawn heart, which is a reference to their old logo but executed in a new way that evokes a feeling of personal connection. The accompanying brand design builds off of this theme by using bright colors that inspire optimism, as well as textural elements that are flexible for different mediums.

The projects we’ve worked on have grown over time to include stationery and print collateral, email and social media campaigns, powerpoint presentations, building signage, and vehicle graphics.

Since renaming the agency and launching their new logo in 2020, we strengthened their identity, which resulted in a 15% percent increase in funding during an annual Giving Tuesday Campaign, as well as increased awareness and buy-in from client staff, donors, and followers across social media and email marketing touchpoints.

  • Client

    Community Assistance Network

  • Role

    Art Director & Designer

  • Teammate

    Ashley Fenker (Writer & Key Contact)